Carswell Investments
  • Branding
  • Logo design
  • Website design

Carswell Investments is a boutique wealth and investment management firm. They offer a highly-disciplined, personalized, client-first approach to wealth management and investing. I was tasked with creating an updated brand identity and firm website that encompassed this approach.


Meets Modern.

The original Carswell brand needed a tune-up, not a complete overhaul. This brand transformation began with their logo. I preserved certain elements of the original logo while guiding the overall brand toward a more modern aesthetic.

Brand Colors

Carswell Blue


Light Gray



Headlines and Titles Meant to Engage and Inform.

Sub-headlines and paragraphs that are both easy to read and enjoyable to read. This font compliments the pronounced serif style of the headlines by giving off a simple, clean, and professional appearance.

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